The Rosenstock Family

Christian, Carol, Lauren, Kayla, & Jackson

President - Carl Wickman

Vice President - Tammy Steller

Treasurer - Carol Rosenstock

Founder & Executive Director - Christian Rosenstock

Finance Committee - Carol Rosenstock (Co-Chair), Brian Happ (Co-Chair)

Silent Auction Committee - Christian Rosenstock (Chair)

Sponsorship Committee - Carl Wickman (Chair)

Volunteer Committee - Tammy Steller (Chair)

Marketing Committee - Carl Wickman (Co-Chair), Julie Olson (Co-Chair)

Facilities & Event Committee - Rob Weise (Chair)

Registration & Reporting Committee - Tammy Steller (Co-Chair), Kim Richgels (Co-Chair)

Directors - Jackson Rosenstock​​, Tom Pabich, Marcus Riccio, Mike Luther, Don Tuscany


Our mission is to raise money for cancer research through shooting and hunting activities, to blend the fun and camaraderie of shooting and hunting with the passion to find a cure for cancer.


Our vision is to become the leading shooting and hunting fundraiser for cancer in Wisconsin and beyond, and to leave a legacy that cancer researchers and cancer survivors will know Gunning For Hope made a difference in the fight against cancer.


It takes great volunteers to run a great event like Gunning For Hope.  If you would like to volunteer, contact us to discuss different roles and ways you can help.  You can reach us at or call us at 608-630-1669.  Thank you for your interest.

Christian Rosenstock

Founder and Former President

Gunning For Hope

Gunning For Hope is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that raises money for cancer research through shooting and hunting sports.  We blend the fun and camaraderie of shooting and hunting with the hope to find a cure for cancer. 

Our fundraiser, held annually, is a fun day of shooting games, networking, hunting, and a reception filled with auctions, raffles and prizes.  We set a goal for the fundraiser to be a memorable and fun experience for all who participate, and we hope you will be with us this year.

We understand that participants donate money and expect it will be used to the greatest advantage for our cause.  That is why we spend time each year researching our potential beneficiaries.  And while there are always multiple charities that are worthy of our fundraising, we have selected Carbone Cancer Center this year.  We are impressed by the great work they do, and our proceeds this year will go to their research fund, which guarantees that 100% of the donation will be used toward cancer research.  So, please come out and join us, have some fun, and help find a cure. 

Aiming at a cure for cancer!

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